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  • Q. What time is check in & check out?

    A. You can check in after 3pm, and check out time is 10am.

  • Q. Do you accept early check-in?

    A. We are afraid early check-in before 3pm is not available as our general rule. However, some booking plan with early check-in are excepted.

  • Q. Can I extend the check out time?

    A. Yes, you can entend your check out time until 12:00 at the latest, with \1000 per hour.

  • Q. Do you have non-smooking room?

    A. All hotels have non-smoking rooms. Please request a non-smoking room at the time of reservation. However, we may not be able to prepare depending on availability.

  • Q. Is there a parking lot?

    A. Sorry, we do not have parking space for guests.

  • Q. Can I stay with my child?

    A. Of course you can stay. We would be pleased if you could choose for a pleasant trip with your family.

  • Q. Can I sleep with my child?

    A. Children under elementary school age can sleep together (free).
    * Children above elementary school age will be treated the same as adults.
    ※ It is limited to 1 person per bed.
    ※ Please note that no amenity goods, pillows are added.
    However, booking plans with free elementary school students will be in accordance with the application details.

  • Q. What is your cancellation policy?

    (booking with 1-9 persons)
    50% of the cancellation charge of the day before the stay
    80% of the cancellation charge on the day of stay
    no-show without any notice 100%
    (In case of reservation with 10 people or more)
    20% of cancellation room charge 14 days before the stay
    30% of cancellation room charge 7 days before the stay
    50% of cancellation room charge 3 days before the stay
    100% of the cancellation charge on the day
    no-show without any notice 100%
    ※ Please note that cancellation after payment, refund by change will not be accepted at all.
    ※ If the schedule is not decided, please consult with us before reservation. If there is a possibility that the last date will be changed during your stay, please consult 2 days in advance.

  • Q. Can you keep my luggage after checkout?

    A. Yes, we will keep baggage even before check-in, as well as after check-out. Please enjoy the sightseeing around the hotel with your hands free.

  • Q. About shipment package (advance shipment to our hotel)

    A. We will keep your luggage with your contact in advance until check-in except for valuables, food and dangerous goods. Please be sure to fill in your name and check-in date on the delivery ticket.

  • Q. Can I bring in food and drinks?

    A. No food and drinks are allowed to bring in our banquet hall and restaurant, but no limited in the guest rooms.

  • Q. Can I use a credit card?

    A. VISA, JCB, Amex, Master Card and ginrei are available.