"Hotel Trend" is a hotel brand owned by Halcnic Corporation.

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Frequent quiestions that help you to choose the hotel.

  • Q. What time is check in & check out?

    A. You can check in after 3pm, and check out time is 10am.

  • Q. Do you accept early check in?

    A. We are afraid early check-in before 3pm is not available as our general rule. However, some booking plan with early check-in are excepted.

  • Q. Can I extend the check out time?

    A. Yes, you can entend your check out time until 12:00 at the latest, with \1000 per hour.

  • Q. What kinds of amenity set and facilities are prepared in the hotel?

    A. Bath towel, face towel, shampoo/conditioner, body soap, hand soap (foam type), tooth brush, razor, sponge for body wash, deodorant spray are set as amenity goods. Every room is equipped with air conditioner, thermo pot, hair dryer and TV. Trouser pressor is available as well for rent. We also prepare cotton swab, make up remover, face wash (for ladies) at front desk. Smart phone / I-phone charger is available for rent at the front desk as well. For more details, please see the website of our each hotel.

  • Q. Do you have non-smooking room?

    A. All hotels have non-smoking rooms. Please request a non-smoking room at the time of reservation. However, we may not be able to prepare depending on availability.

  • Q. Do you support barrier-free?

    A. Although the inside of the hall can be moved with a wheelchair, there is no room that is fully compliant with barrier-free, so assistance is required inside the room.

  • Q. Do you have a vending machine for drinks?

    A. Yes, we have vending machine for soft drinks and beer.

  • Q. Is there a parking lot?

    A. All hotels have free parking. Please check the website of each hotel for more detail.
    ※ ※ ※ Notes ※ ※ ※
    · The parking lot is in order of arrival. Please note that you will be informed of neighbor coin parking when it becomes full.
    · For those who visit with two or more cars in one room, please use the neighbor coin parking for the second one.
    -Large vehicles such as truck and sightseeing bus can not park according to our company regulations.

  • Q. Can I stay with my child?

    A. Of course you can stay. We would be pleased if you could choose for a pleasant trip with your family.

  • Q. Can I sleep with my child?

    A. Children under elementary school age can sleep together (free).
    * Children above elementary school age will be treated the same as adults.
    ※ It is limited to 1 person per bed.
    ※ Please note that no amenity goods, pillows are added.
    However, booking plans with free elementary school students will be in accordance with the application details.

  • Q. What is your cancellation policy?

    (booking with 1-9 persons)
    50% of the cancellation charge of the day before the stay
    80% of the cancellation charge on the day of stay
    no-show without any notice 100%
    (In case of reservation with 10 people or more)
    20% of cancellation room charge 14 days before the stay
    30% of cancellation room charge 7 days before the stay
    50% of cancellation room charge 3 days before the stay
    100% of the cancellation charge on the day
    no-show without any notice 100%
    ※ Please note that cancellation after payment, refund by change will not be accepted at all.
    ※ If the schedule is not decided, please consult with us before reservation. If there is a possibility that the last date will be changed during your stay, please consult 2 days in advance.

  • Q. Can you keep my luggage after checkout?

    A. Yes, we will keep baggage even before check-in, as well as after check-out. Please enjoy the sightseeing around the hotel with your hands free.

  • Q. About shipment package (advance shipment to our hotel)

    A. We will keep your luggage with your contact in advance until check-in except for valuables, food and dangerous goods. Please be sure to fill in your name and check-in date on the delivery ticket.

  • Q. Can I bring in food and drinks?

    A. No food and drinks are allowed to bring in our banquet hall and restaurant, but no limited in the guest rooms.

  • Q. Can I use a credit card?

    A. VISA, JCB, Amex and Master Card are available.